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SHY RABBIT Print International 5

Featured Artists:

David Avery – CA

Dustyn Bork – AR

Joshua Butler – CO

Oliver Coley – MA

Briar Craig – CAN

David DuBose – LA

Alexandra Emberley – CAN

Michael Ezzell – GA

Jenny Freestone – MD

Adrian Freuen – WA

Oscar Gillespie – IL

Jonathon Goebel – HI

Kyle Holland – NY

Raluca Iancu – TN

Drew Kail – OR

Yumi Kawaguchi – AK

An International Juried Exhibition

July 26 thru September 6, 2014



2 PM TO 6 PM



Karen Kunc

Cather Professor and Professor of Art

University of Nebraska - Lincoln

Lincoln, Nebraska

Matthew Rangel – NM

Rosalyn Richards – PA

Nicholas Ruth – NY

Jennifer Scheuer - TN

Kathleen Sherin – NY

Mark Sisson - OK

Darian Goldin Stahl – CAN

Kelsey Stephenson – TN

Chris Stewart – TX

Sibyl Teague – CO

Marija Tomaz – Croatia

Rikhardur Valtingojer – Iceland

Sylvia Solochek Walters – CA

Elizabeth Jean Younce – RI

Sarita Zaleha – MN

Carrie Kieser – CAN

Eveline Kolijn – CAN

Cynthia Brinich-Langlois WI

Amanda Lebel – CT

Debbie PC Lee – NJ

Bartholomew Lynch - NE

Jon Mahnke – MN

Ron Mier – NM

Monika Meler – CA

Bruce Muirhead – NY

Eric Neubauer – GA

Daniel Ogletree – TN

Edie Overturf – MN

Tatiana Potts – TN

Ellen Price – OH

Catherine Prose - TX

Copyright 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010 DMC Arts, LLC

Copyright 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010 SHY RABBIT Contemporary Arts, Inc.

All Rights Reserved

Juror’s Statement:

It is an honor for me to serve as the juror for the Shy Rabbit Print International 5 Exhibition, and I congratulate the organizers for their effort and commitment.  

Why prints?  There is such diversity of approaches and media combinations in printmaking that is always intriguing for viewers.  And prints are meant to communicate far and wide, as these works come from all over to “land” in this location here. By chance and design, this graphic heritage and purpose of the print is used to great advantage to make this beautiful show.  I noted: unusual print media combinations, including digital with classical intaglio and litho; the revival of mezzotint continues; mixed media approaches and presentation strategies; references to cultural icons, diagrammatic knowledge; visual comments on the “extreme machine”, and the “pointed pose” of characters speaking to us.  All accomplished works by a myriad of artists.

Why Shy Rabbit?  This gallery and studio has created an important opportunity, and with such a uniquely identifiable name, in an unforgettable part of the country, they have created notice in their community and across many borders. Interestingly, this effort by Shy Rabbit Contemporary Arts has set a tone for my review, being lead by the intriguing name of this space.  I think I saw more animal imagery than is usual!  And from the selected works a story evolved – that of a dystopian vision, with bugs, birds, moths, creatures and humans, telling of what we have done to the world, and what we should notice as imaginative forecast, and record keeping of this time of NOW.  Yet, this tale is expressed so sensitively with evocative forms, visual strengths and subtleties, finely wrought line and unusual printed translations of the inanimate, elemental building blocks of stuff, the inevitable aliveness of things as energy fields, to animated reality of designed spaces, psychologically intense portraits, weird social scenarios, otherworldly vistas, and our thoughts.  It was my delight and prerogative as juror to shape for you this interrelated story that is created by all the prints in the show, seeing how they speak to each other, and invite your inquiry as well.

I enjoy jurying shows because of my innate curiosity to see what work is being done, to make discoveries of artists new to me, and to see work by those I know and admire.  All the artists are to be congratulated for their amazing prints and willingness to take part in this opportunity.  Thank you for your trust and for being part of this exhibition.

Karen Kunc

Cather Professor of Art

University of Nebraska-Lincoln

June 2014